Thursday, September 20, 2012

Season 1, Episode 2: "A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing"

Captain's Log: Stardate 57184.0. The Intrepid has been recalled to Deep Space 19, following a number of attacks on them by the resurgent Maquis. They have taken damage and some casualties, including their station Commander. The Maquis have been using the Federation's newly-developed Transwarp Conduit System to make their attacks. My "brother," Vulcan Ambassador Q'in, was able to convince Starfleet to change the command codes to the Conduit Systems, effectively stranding the Maquis at various possible points in the Quadrant. DS19 has received a possible Maquis signature from one of these potential places.

Captain Q'in ordered Lieutenant Kylara Stark to head through the Transwarp Conduit at maximum speed. When they arrived at the other end, they saw not a Maquis ship, but an antiquated Klingon D-7 Cruiser.

The Intrepid hailed the Klingon vessel, which appeared to be in distress. The Klingon Captain refused help, but her ship began to tear apart. Q'in ordered any survivors to be transported to the Intrepid. Unfortunately, only the captain could be saved.

The Klingon seemed stand-offish to Q'in and his crew. In the Conference Room, the Klingon pulled a disruptor, and attempted to hijack the ship, demanding the Command Codes of the Intrepid.

Lieutenent Tom Hightower snuck away to Engineering during the confusion, where he transferred all control of the ship to his consoles.

Back on the Bridge, Captain Q'in made a show of transferring control of the ship to the Klingon Captain. When her first order to the computer was refused, she turned to look at Lt. Commander Giffen, allowing Captain Q'in to give her the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, immobilizing the agitated Klingon.

 The view from both sides of the forcefield in the Brig

In the Brig, the Klingon came to, and told the Captain that he should have killed her, and that not allowing her to die had tarnished her honor, disgracing her. Q'in responded by saying that her actions today were highly dishonorable. She said she would still die a warrior's death, as many more Maquis ships were on their way to this sector, and that Intrepid would be destroyed by them.

Q'in ordered Intrepid back through the Transwarp Conduit, which the Maquis could not follow them through. Arriving at Deep Space 19, the Klingon Maquis Captain was taken into custody.

 L to R: Lt. Tom Hightower, Lt. Kylara Stark, Captain Q'in, Lt. Cmdr Dolamite Giffen

 The Captain and his crew getting to know one another in the Officers' Lounge.

Lt. Kylara Stark in the corridor of the Intrepid.

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